Zuitcase 12 Shoe Under the Bed Storage Home Organizer with Zippered Clear Cover, Perfect Family, Kids Shoe Storage Solution, Coffee Mocha Fashion Color


  • Declutter your home, store 12 pair of men’s or women’s shoes out of site, under bed or in closet
  • Sewn in compartments keeps shoes clean, dust free and mold and mildew free
  • Breathable, acid free, moth, mildew resistant, will not absorb water, keeps your shoes safe
  • Made from recyclable, eco-friendly tear resistant 75GSM non woven 100% polypropylene material
  • Zippered cover lets you see exactly what shoes are where for instant access

The Zuitcase underbed shoe storage solution fits up to 12 pairs of men’s and women’s shoes and makes them disappear from sight, neatly stored under your bed or in a closet. The case collapses into a thin, 12” x 10” size for travel or storage and fits inside a suitcase. Great kid shoe storage solution.

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