Zuitcase Large Foldable Storage Box with Lid, Stylish Collapsible Home Storage Bins, Eco Friendly Home Décor, Coffee Mocha Fashion Color


  • Large storage box, collapsible, stackable with lid for your household essentials storage
  • Measures 16” long, 12” wide and 8 “deep – sturdy bottom and secure lid
  • Collapses for easy storage or to fit inside a suitcase for travel
  • Breathable, acid free, moth, mildew resistant, will not absorb water, keeps your valued items safe
  • Made from recyclable, eco-friendly tear resistant 75GSM non woven 100% polypropylene material

Organize your home with the Zuitcase large folding storage box for easy access to find your favorite items, and to keep them clean and organized. Collapses into a thin, neat 16” x 12” size for travel, storage and fits inside suitcase. Great baby storage organizer and for kids bedroom storage, also for basic household essentials storage.